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About the Department of History

Every reality has a past behind itself. The humankind naturally wonders about initially the history of his own, then his relatives, his society, and those of whom he has connection with, living or nonliving.  The History Science examines this curiosity of the humankind in the light of scientific method and brings it to light. Events that experienced in the past and their marks are analyzed scientifically with the cause and effect relation by stating place and time.

Taking an important place in Social Sciences, History is a substantial discipline which has a big role in helping to make sense of contemporary social and political events while contributing future plans just like it enlightens the past. Considering today’s World and today’s Turkey where major transformations are undergoing makes the importance of determining the past events real-like crystal clear. This is because all the major social and political transformations have a particular background and experience behind themselves. The rapid transformation experienced by the civilized world especially by the last centuries and the pluses and minuses of the transformation are going to light the way for future transformations. Accordingly, on planning future programs, we have to take the past experiences and transformations into consideration. Therefore, it is inevitable to regard scientifically revealed historical determinations and to accept that the History is not a tale but a rational way of understanding the past realities. As it is understood, History is the diary of the humankind and communities. Each trace left behind by the humankind enlightens the road of upcoming generations. 



History Department opened within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in the Erzurum Technical University aims at gaining general principles of History Science and its mentioned meaning to its students.  One of the priorities of our University is helping our students to perceive History as a discipline with rules and principles and to comprehend that only way to understand the past realistically is to use particular research methods, other than considering it as a popular area or romance lived in the past.

On the other hand, at the University's History Department  being established in an important city of its geography, which is Anatolia, the Caucasus and the Middle East triangle’s important and strategic city Erzurum, we also aim at revealing Erzurum’s and its surroundings’ historical roots and transferring it for the future benefit.  To sum up, in the program of History Department which is to be opened, raising researchers, academics and teachers who are capable of knowing their yesterday, determining today and planning for tomorrow is targeted provided by regionally, nationally and internationally qualified lectures.

Students graduated from The Department of History can work as lecturers at Higher Education Institutions.  On the condition of having non-thesis master’s degree, they are able to work as teachers in secondary degree schools of Ministry of Education. Ottoman Archives and Archives of the Republic of Prime Ministry, Museums of Ministry of Culture, Turkish Historical Society, Atatürk Culture Language and History Supreme Institution, Research Institution of Ataturk, ATASE Archives and Naval Museums of Presidency of General Staff are also preferable field works to be experts or assistant experts. Besides, they can also find working places in private education institutions as contracted personnel.


Our Mission

We aim at raising researchers who are open to advances of History and other social sciences, are capable of combining knowledge and reasoning and can contribute to science with their works. These researchers are expected to provide regional, national and international scientific fieldworks promoting to the city, the nation and the international community of which they are a living member.

Our Vision

we identify our vision as followings,;

Collaboration with universities in the country and abroad by providing the necessary conditions for joint projects.

Provide our students for studying abroad with national and international programs;

increase the capacity of raising Scientist in national and international field 

Provide the qualified teaching staff and technical staff (research assistants, specialists, technicians, etc...) to ensure a well qualified education program

organize scientific activities as national and international symposiums, panel discussions, conferences to contribute to the enrichment of the scientific environment,

 generalize promotion and incentive reward systems to increase the quality of education and research

During  graduate studies, providing researchers not only the opportunity of interaction with colleagues at the same department but also interaction with national and international colleagues from different group of institutions

Increase the prestige of History Science and promote the curiosity of learning History with precise historical knowledge by researches

Department of History

Dean’s Message

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