Mission & Vision


Growing up scientist who shall create social projects for the future and contribute for the improvement of our country by modern, dynamic and criticizer, prejudge less education,   in the field of Social Sciences. Increasing the number of individuals who are capable of representing our country around the world and who are competitive and who have ability to harmony universal measurements and who have paradigm thoughts and who are eager to protect cultural heritages and moral values of the society and who are respectful to human rights and who are interactive socially by leading them to utilize the knowledge and information resources.  Growing up students who improved their ability of analyzing and synthesizing and interpreting   while the change is going on in the world is also one another mission of the faculty.



To share the data obtained by doing scientific researches in the field of social science; to perform the targeted universal knowledge and value producing success in the undergraduate and post graduate education. At the point of activities on education, training and research, we aimed to grow up qualified, enlightened individuals who are experts in their fields, researcher, participative. We are also eager to be interacted with the neighbor countries in terms of cultural exchanges and willing to have educational partnerships considering the strategic state of our region. Develop the understanding of modern education by blending the Western and Eastern principles. Become an important centre of education and research in the future by gaining a competent position in our county.

Dean’s Message

Universities are accepted as temple of the liberty therefore, they should be organized by considering the needs of the day,Continue


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