Dean’s Message

Universities are accepted as temple of the liberty therefore, they should be organized by considering the needs of the day, depending on the fact that human creates the culture and makes the world meaningful. Universities where at all sort of universal thoughts are put forward and discussed should provide appropriate conditions for a liberal education which is required to grow up creative individuals who criticize and question.

The main aim of a liberal education is to take a stand against the ideologies and the philosophies which try to detract individuals from their essentials and pave the way for individuals so that they can improve themselves according to their own preferences. In other words, liberal education should prepare the basic conditions for individual wherein he or she struggles for humanization and it should provide new opportunities. Thus, an important function of a liberal education is to find out individual’s creative abilities.

Throughout the history, all type of inventions and discoveries are works of creative individuals. The one who discovered the fire, the wheel thousand years ago was the human. The inventors and the discoverers stepped ahead on the newest ways and for these they had no weapon but only their own vision. Since creative people throughout the different periods of the history had their own aims, they had different thoughts but their common point was that they had their own new paths and their own visions.

The vision, the power and the courage of creative individual or human urge from his or her own soul. That is to say that these people have their own distinctive personality and this is the only source for their power. That is why the power is enough, what is why it motivates and creates itself. Creative people were successful, because they experienced the things which were honor crown of humanity. The creative individual who is aware that nothing is given ready knows that he/she has to create all what is needed. His/her main purpose is to conquer the nature by independent activities of his/her mind.

Our valuable youngsters,

The aim of our faculty (Erzurum Technical University department of literature) is to enroll the modern educational and training methods at international levels in order to grow up the qualified individuals for our country. For this purpose we try hard with perseverance and faith. Our main targets are the followings; growing up students equipped with our cultural values, providing qualified and high level education with administration approach that cares the ethical values, publishing qualified scientific researches.

The main power supply that encourages the literature faculty to progress in the planned path are our academic staff and our students. Our academic staffs are aware of the fact and work for our scheduled agenda considering international values and national benefits for growing up new generations. Student oriented approach is accepted at our faculty. Here, while sound education is enrolled, participative, warm and positive educational environment is provided for our students.
In the process that together we are going to design our country’s future, I wish you success and owe my thanks to our academic and administrative staff that you are entrusted.

Dean’s Message

Universities are accepted as temple of the liberty therefore, they should be organized by considering the needs of the day,Continue


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